Level 1, 66 Albert Rd
South Melbourne 3205
Phone: +61 3 9682 4144
Fax: +61 3 9682 4155
Our Vision

Our Mission

CRMSmart helps your organisation understand the value of technology you implement and will assist you in measuring the benefit you will derive from this technology - Thus CRMSmart's mission is:

"To implement effective and efficient solutions by analysing organisational objectives, functions and strategies and supporting them with business knowledge and proven technologies"

Our Aim

  • To help our customers BETTER SERVICE theirs.
  • To provide our customers with a COMPETITIVE EDGE by providing strategies, technical tools and marketing, sales and service techniques.
  • To facilitate our customers' evolution and growth in a global market place by assisting them by implementing effective software solutions and business practices.
  • To help our customers run their organisation in an effective and EFFICIENT MANNER.
  • To ensure that our consultants are fully trained and practised in the latest technologies and software systems.

Our Values

Focussing on value gives us the competitive edge.

Cost Effective Value

  • Our cost structures are open and margins low.
  • Low operational overheads are passed onto our clients in reduced rates.

People Values

  • Our consultants act with integrity, efficiency, and fairness.
  • We pride ourselves on delivering highly productive resources.
  • We value leadership and strive to place candidates that exceed your expectations.

Company Values

  • We listen in order to understand your IT environment, role definitions and business requirements.
  • To ensure provision of trained consultants, screened for technical, cultural & behavioral skills.

Our Edge - Our Client's Benefit

  • Access to a pool of trained, skilled “in-demand” consultants, screened for cultural and positive behavioural capabilities.
  • Availability of permanent resources for urgent assignments.
  • Our low margin business model reduces your staffing costs.
  • Accountability from CRMSmart management to ensure our consultants meet or exceed your expectations.
  • Development tools to aid productivity.
  • Training on future technologies to aid forward planning.