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Our Services

At CRMSmart, our consultants are among the best available. We have been doing Siebel consulting projects since 1998 and PeopleSoft projects since 1996.

Over 100 years experience in the utilities sector cannot be ignored. In addition to a strong corporate base, CRMSmart’s intelligent and dynamic approach allows it to expand our services to a range of mid-market customers.

Our Consulting Services

  • Consultants for short and long term projects
  • System administrators, Database Administrators, Technical Architects
  • Business Analysts to do feasibility studies and value analysis for any IT spend
  • Project integration services
  • Application support services
  • Off-shore development and support services

Client Assignments We Have Completed:

  • Need and situation analysis for front-office systems
  • Marketing strategy by an associated company
  • Cost benefit analysis for CRM and Service Management systems
  • Option analysis studies for CRM and Service Management systems
  • Organisation work-flow process engineering and design
  • Implementation of CRM systems
  • Implementation of Service Management and Scheduling systems
  • Data interfaces to corporate systems
  • CRM product training to fit the organisation’s marketing strategy
  • E-Commerce security management
  • CRM implementation project management
  • Corporate database integration and data modelling
  • Data warehousing tools to analyse CRM product data
  • Post CRM implementation improvements and support
Consulting projects for utilities, banking/insurance, transport & telecommunication.
  • Our services range from an individual consultants to evaluate your CRM/ERP needs to a complete CRM/ERP project team
  • CRMSmart usally works on sub-contracts with the Big Five to deliver your CRM/ERP projects
CRM turnkey projects for small/medium businesses
  • Our services range from product evaluation and selections to CRM/ERP integration with other IT systems
  • CRMSmart will undertake complete projects independently
  • CRMSmart will support your applications

CRMSmart Consultants

  • CRMSmart will provide you with consultants for your team
  • Consultants will be recruited from Local & Global markets
  • Consultants will be experienced in many CRM/ERP products and product modules